what else in Amibroker shall I pay attention if I want to backtest futures?

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  1. I set to "futures mode",

    I don't care about "margin/deposit", and I don't care about "transaction cost" for now, as an initial try.

    I don't care about point value because it's just nominal...

    So what else shall I change in the "settings" box that I need to worry about for backtesting futures?

  2. IBConnector, a very simple program, is still in Beta version after many years. There is good reason for it.
  3. If I am getting a Sharpe ratio that's way too high, like 10,

    What other settings I should check?
  4. What do you mean? You mean Amibroker's backtest is not trustable?
  5. He means you are jerking off. If you want to backtest, get a serious tool, not a toy.
  6. Never ceases to amaze me - the level of ignorance and bias on this site....

    Name a "serious tool" please.

    FYI, I've used just about every retail/professional tool out there and AB is one of the best.

    Seriously, get a clue buddy, if you had any solid experience with the tool you'd realize its waaay underpriced for its performance and capability. That said, it was never meant to be a trading/execution engine. Just because you don't understand how something works doesn't mean its not a "serious tool".
  7. Three separate threads bashing Amibroker without any information or counter on the platform - you have an axe to grind?
  8. What I'll speculate happened is that this guy:

    1. Wrote some shitty code.

    2. Got an unrealisitc backtest as a result of writing shitty code.

    3. Ignorantly thought he stumbled onto the "holy grail",

    4. Subsequently found out via live trading how shitty code can cost you money.

    5. Concluded that Amibroker was the cause of him writing shitty code in the first place.
  9. When software shops build software, they have alpha version first for internal testing; then beta version for users testing. The reason using beta version to let user test is because there is liability issue. Software producers are liable for their Software causing damage to users. IBConnector is built by IB to work with amibroker. If any software used for trading and causing loss to traders because of faulty software, traders can sue. Apparently IB does not have enough confidence in Amibroker to have their very simple program IBconnector to be a formal release after 5+ years.

    Anything else need to be said?
  10. Not sure what you're talking about - first of all IB doesn't generally program for other platforms - they make an API available and the platforms (such as AB or Ninjatrader) make their own code to integrate with IB. Amibroker does this directly in the pro version but also includes access to a program called IB Controller that works to send/receive orders from AB - aka autotrading. Maybe you mean IB Controller and and not connector?

    IB Controller is still considered a beta product from Amibroker.
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