What else do I need To set up 4 monitors

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  1. ttbodnar


    I am setting up a a home trading office and have purchased the monitors and vga splitter to be used with a new computer what else do I need to have the four monitor setup?
  2. nvidia dual head
    5200 @ ebay

    buy 2 of those

    vga splitters make 2 screens of the same thing
  3. Schaefer


    Why did you get a VGA splitter? All you had to do was to make sure your new computer had four VGA ports, usually it's two video cards or a single quad-head card.
  4. Can someone respond regarding which flavor of dual head card to get?
    There seems to be about 10 different versions, amount of ram, AGP.PCI, PCI Express.....

    I went to E-Bay and saw this for $50.00 is this reasonable for trading?


    I need to get 2 cards for 3 LCDs, I would be getting them for a new computer, can 1 be AGP and the other PCI Express?


  5. mokwit


    Avoid Appian (now sold as Colorgraphic).

    Most PC manufacturers seem to use Matrox when installing for big banking clients so I would go with them, that is what I will be replacing my lasted less than 2 years Appian wiith. Yes it had a guarantee but they don't feel obligated to honour it.
  6. BKuerbs


    First you should check the digital resolution a card supplies, this may be different from the max analog one. Though, when your TFTs need no more than 1280x1024 you should be on the safe side. If you want a higher resolution things can get complicated.

    If you want the card for trading only, that is, no gaming, no DVDs, you need a 2D card only. These have a small amount of memory only, 256MB are overkill.

    You should look for a passively cooled card, these 3D gaming monsters have very noisy fans.

    I use the combo Matrox G550 (AGP) and G450 (PCI), both passively cooled.

    Another choice may be PNY nvidia 280: offers up to 1600x1200, but is still passively cooled, though a bit more expensive.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  7. ttbodnar


    I have purchased two of the Matrox g450 cards will this only run two screens of the same thing? If so do I need one g450 and one g550 or something else?
  8. (1) You can only use the type of video card which is supported by your systemboard. All boards today PCI slots. They will also have AGP (1 only), or PCIE, or neither (integrated video).

    (2) You also need to know whether your LCDs will be displayed as DVI or VGA.

    When you know these, then you can get video cards.
  9. You can run 2 G450s for 4 monitors... either 1 AGP + 1 PCI, or 2 PCI... or you can use G550s... or you can use 450 & 550 in combination.
  10. I have this setup, G550, 450. The pci one i know has a DVI out, so i just have 1 monitor that uses straight DVI to DVI. The rest are VGA.

    Been working well. We use matrox here on the floor as well, no problems at both home and work. I'd recommend Matrox for the reliability. Any other card, I've had issues.

    I still watch movies on my monitor #1, and while it's not the ultimate view, it gets the job done.
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