What Economic Recovery?

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    Yes, but the firms that are making money are growing at an astronomical pace and absorbing all the labor. There is a lot of dead wood in our economy that needs to go.
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  3. Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand

    When the whip comes down.

    Not sure how it is in your area, but where I am there is big time building everywhere, everywhere.

    Construction to the max.

    This will not last much longer.

    Interest rates will start to come up and ability to buy homes and other real estate projects will decline.

    Again - constructions is almost like cancer - everywhere.

    Enjoy big time now.
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    Huh? LOL.
  5. Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand

    Sorry. Not sure where you live. I live in a big city. Building is out of sight. Can not last. Even the building now is overdone.

    When the building stops - the economy will stop.

    What do you offer besides building as the economic stimulus?
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    It's not bro. Construction spending has flattened out. Most of the economic stimulus has come from an increase in productivity in technology, not from construction.

    PsS, I live in a big city too. LOL.
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    Ayn Rand

    I still say look around. Building everywhere. Lots of jobs. Paint, roof, brick, whatever... What happens when they go away.

    Technology - like in India or somewhere - more Facebook for everyone.

    I have an inside joke. Apple XI will be asshole recognition. You can change a face with whatever but ...

    Truth - perhaps you are 1/2 truth. I think I have at least the other 1/2.

    Enjoy now!!!!
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    It's not though. You sound really young to me. The "normal" economy has construction everywhere. Hell even in recessions you see cranes everywhere. It's an optical effect and it's a terrible way of analyzing the economy. Stick to data and leave the visuals out.
  9. Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand

    I am 66 but you are probably right - "I don't know anything."

    Truth - I have never seen the volume of construction that I am seeing now anywhere.

    It is a cancer and it will not last much longer.

    As an aside I would humor a story of how, where, when, an advance in technology will keep the US Economy advancing.

    The US, a long time ago, gave up all its technological advancements to other countries.

    Have you ever been to a University graduate department and seen the infestation of other cultures sealing everything we have ever done.
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    This is descending into drivel now. I'll take the loss on your age bet. Can't win em all.

    Yes, I've been to a university graduate department when I was in grad school. LOL. Good luck with everything and just relax in your golden years. Let me worry about the construction. :)
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