What economic indicators are supposed to help indicate a bottom?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, May 25, 2009.

  1. A bottom of the economy, not a bottom of the stock market.
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    New Housing Starts (normally)
    Building Permit Applications
    Leading Economic Indicators
    Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims
    Stock Market
    Treasuy Bonds

    There are others. Different sectors and locals will recover at different rates. Take Michigan, for instance. If I lived in Michigan I would move.
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    LEADING economic indicators are actually LAGGING indicators.:D

    PS: I did not comment on your other economic signals, was laughing to much.

    PSS: we love it in Michigan, great in summertime, very few "HOT" days and even fewer days with a lot of humidity. In the winter you can always be a "SNOWBIRD" and pack some freight and head to Florida with your 40 foot trailer and get in the left lane and stay there to piss off the locals. :D

    Truck drivers need a commercial license, but any clown with a regular license can drag a big ass trailer behind a small car and cause all kinds of havoc on the highway.
  4. Bernanke buying some CDO´s / toxic waste for his personal portfolio using PPIP structure...:D
  5. Weekend box office results.
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    Just spent some time in Michigan this weekend. I prefer people like yourself to avoid the state all together. And please stay away from the northern part too. Trust me, nothing good up there:)

    As for the indicators, tops and bottoms, look for local newspapers and press to start publishing fearful pieces and the FED to start providing positive guidance. The inverse applies though.
  7. you must have missed it. you were in the bathroom when it happened. obama won.
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    When the new sunspot cycle starts up like it did just a week ago, that precedes the upturn by a year or more.
  9. Find yourself some confidence/sentiment indicators as well. Even though the fed is f-ing up all of the normal credit relationships, it would still be helpful to watch spreads as well