What dose it take to develop

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  1. Hello all, I have a lot of time in my hands and would like to create my own financial software. So what dose it take to develop a charting software or a financial software?
    Do I need Visual studio 2005?
    What else would I need? And dose any company sell financial base codes?
    Thank you all in advance.
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    Dinero, you should first decide what language you want to use. I'm not going to discuss it here, because it has been discussed countless times.
    So, if you want to use C# or VB you basically need Visual Studio. If you want to use C++ Visual Studio is recommendable (at least if you want to do that on Windows), although theoretically you can use another environment.
    If you want to use Java, Python, Perl, or any other language, you don't need Visual Studio.
    Whatever you want to use, you need some books.
  5. If you want to build your own trading software in VB.NET and either use it for your own trading or resell it to other traders, we have a complete application already built. You can buy the source code, change it a bit, and rename as your own software. Please see www.m4demo.com

    This application has scripting, alerts, back-testing, charting, technical analysis, an order entry UI, portfolio, etc.. full VB.NET source code, and you even get the source code for the charting and technical analysis (in C++). It can be programmed to work with any data feed plus it comes with an example for NAQ (fri corporation) by default.

    Post any questions here. Thanks.
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    Screw all except C++. I've done coding in about 18 languages (you know, these employers are kind of crazy...). You could have program up and ready very fast in C# or VB or another kindergarten language. But once you'll want it to work efficiently, you doomed. Especially nowadays when CPU speed is not growing anymore, and we only stuck with multi cores (I currently work on 4-core Intel CPU). I'd like to see anyone implementing non-locking threads in C# - it would be like in a circus watching a clown. If you have a lot of time on hands, do C++ and be happy. Go to www.codeproject.com, grab samples, and do what you want.

    P.S. I understand that English is not your first language, but it's better to say "does" instead of "dose" :))). And I'd say, always :)))
  7. Microsoft .NET is not a kindergartner language. The nice thing about .NET is that while a kindergartener could learn .NET, its just as powerful as C++ for most applications.

    Nevertheless, we write all our user interfaces in .NET because it is easy, and we write all our CPU intensive backend code in C++, as we did with our M4 platform: www.m4demo.com

    Our VB.NET product comes with complete source code for the user interface, and complete C++ code for the backend. This way you get the best of both worlds.
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  9. I guess I should shut down my VB6 automated app that has been quite successful over the years because it was written in a kindergarten language?

    You sound exactly like the kind of developer I hate to work with on a project ... you have one tool in your toolbox (a hammer) so therefore smashing things must be the answer.
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