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    Why has the dow rallied 90 points off of it's low? Where can I get the information that causes it to rally like this?
  2. If you want the good info, its going to cost you. You better have at least $2500 per month for news otherwise you will be left behind :D
  3. It doesn't take much too move 90 points, anymore. IMO.
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    Well then my positions are too large. Either way, this market is retarded. All the data in the world points to a shitty economy. Over and over and over, and yet this piece won't drop.
  5. With Benny in the wings Fundamentals are out the window.
    You really need to trade on technicals here and take profits while you have them. Don't get greedy.
  6. Simple technical analysis doesn't hurt.
  7. It may not matter to you but is that an IB account number showing on one of the tabs?
  8. Two reasons for the rally: at 3:24 PM it was announced that TMA got a billion in financing (so they aren't going bankrupt just yet) and the S&P cash has solid support at the 1320 level from the lows of 2/8 and 2/11.

    The news is free at bigcharts.com and so are the charts. You have to make the effort to see where the market has high probability support and resistance levels and watch what happens when those levels are reached.
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    Considering his ET moniker he has bigger issues than that to worry about.
  10. I think its time I look into trading technically. If anybody has any books or websites that they can recommend, please let me know. To me it seems that most of the people who are analyzing things technically are doing well right now.
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