What does your gas money buy? A Saudi tower 100 stories taller than Sears Tower!

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  1. Gas is still cheaper than it was 65 years ago. Let me explain....when this country was founded $1 was supposed to equal .77 oz of silver. In 1945 we still used silver in our money. A gallon of gas in 1945 was 15 cents which was equal to .1155 oz of silver. Today silver is $40 per oz.

    15 cents x .77 x $40 = $4.62 per gallon. So gas is actually cheaper today than in 1945.
  2. not if you include money spent on defending are oil colonies. i think it would be fair that at least half are defence budget supports oil

    a simple Manhattan project effort could be made to end all reliance on foreign energy in 20 years with just these two high density replacements.


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    That means that Tom Cruise will have more buildings from which he can jump in MIx movies.... :cool:

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