What does your ET handle represent?

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    Its Friday and I thought I will do a light and fun post. Many folks here have very interesting ET names. So, please share what does your ET handle means! I will start with my own. I wanted my handle to represent two very different trading styles that I wish to focus on. I also wanted my ET handle to represent greats from these genres. So I choose GMST!

    GMST = GM + ST
    GM stands for Global Macro
    ST stands for Systematic Trading

    GMST = GS + MT
    GS stands for George Soros - The King of Global Macro
    MT stands for Monroe Trout - The King of Systematic Trading
  2. 1245


    1245: My trading badge when I was an Options MM.
  3. OnClose


    OnClose: I like to make the majority of my trading decisions on the closing price of the stock.
  4. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Started off day trading AAPL

    I live in NYC

    when I first registered on ET, it would not accept:

  5. Couldn't think of a handle.. looked down at my college notebook there it was

    college ruled :p
  6. check it out.

    just something i say here and there.
  7. My name was supposed to be


    I don't know what happened....

  8. Lucrum


    Latin for gains, income, revenue, profit
  9. My wife, who is much better educated than I am, has on many ocassion looked at me as one would a poor dumb animal and say, thanks for stating the obvious. Our relationship has been one of beauty and brains trying to tame the savage beast. Believe it or not, I'm only half as crazy as I used to be.
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    LOL. Thanks for sharing so truthfully, it is funny.
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