What does tommorow hold for the equities markets?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rowenwood, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Will Lucent and Ciena go up tomorrow or what?
  2. I dont think that anybody knows.

  3. buy? The last two days have been boring. Now that the unemployment worries are over we should blow a bubble for while. I've got a lot of greed that needs reassurance.
  4. ...FWIW, I am totally out of equities in my retirement accounts, fearing the worst for the rest of the year. I'll be daytrading only, doing my best to fulfill my prophecy by shorting indices shamelessly and without remorse.
  5. thanks, I feel neurotic enough already. But please tell me why you are strong short? Doesn't the market have a plentitued of reason to reach dow 10,000. And after three profit taking down days wouldn't tomorrow be a good one.

    Also, leaps for lucent, what do you say? Also I would really enjoy replies to my other thread. Save me time and panic attacks.
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  7. I predict that tomorrow markets will fluctuate.

    You are welcome, and have a nice day.:)
  8. Same thing I tell everyone who asks:

    Open at 930 close at 4. What goes on in between is anyone's guess.
  9. ...sorry, my predictions are only good as contrary indicators. I am out of the markets in retirement accounts until next year because I don't catch any shit from my lovely wife for not making money, only for losing it. I have been brilliant to be long recently, but the Fed has stopped force-feeding liquidity into the economy and I fear that it is about to projectile regurgitate.

    In fact, I have no short bias (in spite of my anatomical deficiencies), but I am sticking to intraday where I can swing either way (somewhat suggestive of latency, but I am too old to care any more). I told my wife "I have this bad feeling, the markets look toppy", but that was just to cover the fact that I made her a lot of money in her 401K recently and I want to bank it. She's a second wife, and believed me in 2000 when I said "Let me manage your money and I'll beat the S&P 500." The sweet thing didn't realize I'd do that by putting her into cash.

    What was I trying to say? Oh yes, the market is going in the toilet for the rest of the year. I am buying as much physical gold as I can consistent with building up my futures trading account. The U.S oy vey is rapidly becoming a third world nation, with the cancer spreading from Cariforia, which is where I am at the moment. What the hell do you think is going on when the Aussie dollar (apologies to Roscoe) is appreciating relative to the REAL dollar? Just like the Japs bought Cariforia in the 70's, the Euros are going to buy the East Coast and MidWest in this decade. Personally, I would be pleased to cede them Noo Yawk if they'd pay in specie. I'd give them Chee-ca-goe for nichts, nichevo, rien, nada, nothing.
  10. My thought is we got great economic news last Friday but
    sold off - this may mean a sell-off for rest of year - Hope I'm
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