What does this mean?

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  2. Yes, what? is what it means.
  3. Is there another button that I can hit which will ignore material quoted by someone I already have on ignore?
  4. Lucrum


    Dementia and or Senility
  5. bc1


    We bought him books, we bought him more books, and then bought him even more books, and sent him to school. And what did he do, stacked the books up so he could sit on them to use his computer. I think Mr. Grandsupercycle is a Jack sockpuppet with the same gobbledygook message.
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  7. Shut up he explained.

    - Ring Lardner, the Young Immigrunts
  8. Small Bicycle, Jack and increasenow - I love them :D

    The question is always which one I like the most ?? :confused:
  9. Fack You.

    - Teddy KGB, Rounders
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    Your dear Jack described how a depression would be played out after the first sign of climax run in 2006. You need to know his terminology to be able to see the picture vividly. Two words: long and ugly. :D Who care.
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