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    I'm, a newbie here and just leaning but I have a questions that I thought I could post here to get some clarification. Hopefully this is the right spot for this kind of question.

    I have been watching Just Energy (JE on the TSX) recently and have noticed that there is a large volume that sends the price up at the open then with no volume to support it prices slip over the day.

    I think this is some group fooling around in a lightly traded stock but just to be be sure I thought I would post this here to see what the folks here thought of this.
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    Sounds like you are probably right on what they are doing.

    But thats not a prediction, assume it closed down for the day;
    assume the management wastes money like Citigroup did on a jet. Assume it its downtrending most time frames, like Citigroup does.

    Oil stocks had a period where they gapped up @ open for some months, but take overs were common, so the gap never closed [down]reguardles of vol...

    SLWwas[past tense] a penny stock [under $5], weak volume;
    but silver was cheaper way back in its penny stock days.

    LOL:D Word to the wise.