What does this corintihian quote mean?

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  1. "For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves; but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise." John 5:44 and 2 Cor. 10:17,18

    I can understand not judging others by the shoes you walk in and not letting them shame you from the ones they walk in (which is harder in a society of shame)

    But comparing yourself to others and measuring yourself by yourself?

    I think comparing yourself to others is natural when defining how you fit into the world. And measuring yourself by your own life makes sense, you just need the self honesty check every once and awhile, so you ask a friend for a disinterested opinion.

    Of course im not sure if the passage agrees with me or not, or if its saying something that i'm missing all together?
  2. Now I think it means don't let society define a sucessful life, lol.

    I guess just by asking someone else what it means, defeats the meaning or meanings of it in some ways.
  3. Its basically talking about the standard at which we judge ourselves and we shouldnt judge ourselves by how others act or what others think of us.

    For instance. I go up to a kid who is smoking cigarrettes and tell him he shouldnt be doing that. He says to me...
    "well at least im not as bad as that guy over there smoking weed."

    I go over there and say the same thing to that kid and he says...

    "well yeah, im smoking weed, but at least im not doing hard drugs like that guy over there doing heroin."

    I go over to that guy and he says...

    "yeah, im doing heroin, but im not like that guy going out there and robbing people."

    I go over to that guy and he says

    "well yeah im robbing people, but at least im not killing them like that guy over there."

    Then i go to that guy and he says

    "well yeah I kill some people, but they deserve it....they are drug addicts and smokers that kill the elderly and children with their 2nd hand cigarrette smoke....

    Everyone can justify themselves in their own minds which is why we need a greater standard than ourselves. Thats where the 10 commandments comes in.

    And you also shouldnt use other peoples version of what is good because they could tell you wrong. Look at people in prison. If someone does something wrong and you tell the authorities like you are supposed to, its looked at as wrong in the other prisoners eyes. They call you a snitch and to them thats the worst thing you can be. In their eyes, if you try to stop them from doing something wrong, by telling the guards whats going on, then you somehow are the person who did wrong which makes no sense logically.

    Well thats what i take from that passage, anyway.