What does the hybrid market mean for day traders?

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Will the hybrid market be more or less lucrative for traders.

  1. way more. I'm already spending the money

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  2. a little more

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  3. a little less

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  4. way less, were all going to get screwed

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  5. Its a whole new game. those who adapt will prosper

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  1. After going through the NYSE website briefly, I am still unable to ascertain what this new hybrid market will mean.

    Will there be crossed markets?

    Will stock trend less or more?

    Will they trade more like txn or amd?

    Will the price gap around more or less?

    Will the actual price be more or less obvious?

    If anyone understand the hybrid market concept thoroughly could you please pos a point form of how it will affect us. You would be helping a lot of us out.

    As well if there are any preparations you think we should make that would also be very helpful.


  2. After talking with one of the specialists on the hybrid-market advisory, the hybrid market will mean far less specialist intervention, and more computer driven levels of liquidity. The specialist will take on more of a management role and focus more on larger imbalances of orderflow vs. the traditional spread. Possibly more attention on fillng large agency orders. openings will be more of an automated process as well. I have yet to understand the extent of arcas role. I see it as a big step in right direction and the best of both worlds. It looks good in theory, now lets see if they can implement it.
  3. It will have huge opportunities at the start until all the bugs are worked out. :D I say first 6months to the first year.
  4. Does anyone know much about these Liquidity Refreshment Points? What I'm asking is once these LRP's trigger the market then goes into auction mode - does that mean that then the specialist can freeze the book and spread the stock (offering price improvement) just like now? I'm a little unclear as to whether or not the spec can still spread the stock and offer price improvement?

  5. IMO, "The Return of the SOES Bandits" again with these quotes. Like a Star Wars episode. LOL :D

  6. can we get some opinions from actual traders instead of petty salesmen?
  7. series 7

    series 7

    will tape reading still be possible ?
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  9. If you can taperead Nasdaq.

    Wonder if the Bush economy has the capacity to absorb these ex NYSE tape readers. :p
  10. Why won't tape reading be possible? are they going to eliminate all crossed markets? Most of the tape readers in my office hit arca and what not, and I sort of felt that the NYSE didn't have jurisdiction over bosx, cinn and, midwest. But maybe they do?
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