What does S&P downgrade mean for average joe?

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  1. What does S&P downgrade mean for average joe? People that have house mortgages, student loans, car loans or etc. When they say interest rates will go up, does that mean my student loan interest rate will rise? I'm confused.
    Thanks for the help. Tough times for everyone..
  2. it means
    you're triple f*ked
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  3. no really, in all seriousness, let's try to be civil here.
  4. ave joe is always ave joe
  5. Truthfully...

    ...nobody knows.

    This is uncharted territory.

    It's quite possible the (real) short term changes are very small. Over the longer term, it's anybody's guess. If we have reached Peak Energy, we're likely in a long term recession, and despite the downgrade, the US is in a better position than most to ride it out with minimal collateral damage.
  6. right on the contrary.The US is in a worse position in compare to other not so developed contries.

    what if there`ll no hot water,no internet,no electricity, no other amenities of life that you got used to.americans start dying like cockroaches.
  7. i could survive with a box of matches in the fucking boreal coniferous forest,if i`d like to,but would hardly do that if something awful happens,since not a lot of mundane things left that still attract me.can you?

    hint:when shit happens, people provide themselves with matches and salt.

    Instead,you should ask yourself,"What does S&P downgrade mean for average indiana jones?"

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  8. dhpar


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  9. For people who don't learn from other countries. See above link.
    That's perfectly fine. Leftists think the world is overpopulated anyway. [​IMG]
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