What does "Price Action" mean to you?

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  1. I see "price action" thrown around a lot, but it seems like it means different things to different people. Is it TA or is it not TA? Is it P&F charts? Is it tape reading? Is it just watching the price and understanding what's going on from experience?
  2. Time frame, lowest common denominator of the largest participants. Figure it out, do some research.....
  3. basically just using price movement for analysis. No indicators such as stochastics, etc. Volume and trendlines often used though. Depends on the person. Price behavior is the main thing.
  4. HPT


    the action of the market at the price, grind jump pop creep wave ..lots of screeen time qualifies you... all the other price action numpties are still yabbering on about indicators coz they are pretending they get it ...imho of course
  5. price action = action of the price. lol. really though, could it be any simpler?
  6. lol, you made me smile.

    never ignore it, always respect it.
  7. its all i care about. dont get me wrong im not saying interpreting price action is easy...just that its pretty self descriptive.
  8. price action is king because price is the cause and also the effect as opposed to indicators that make traders who use them feel that there is a cause effect relationship between indicators and future price movement...

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