What does Optional777 have against Don Bright?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dgabreil, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. dgabreil


    What's the background on this particular grudge?

    I haven't met Bright, or Optional for that matter, but it is readily apparent that every time Bright, a sponsor of ET, says anything that touts his company in the slightest, Optional is there to post vitriol.

    Optional, did Don damage you, slight you, threaten you or someone you know personally? I am just trying to understand why you become so emotional on this issue.

    Also, why is Optional so afraid of Don Bright? While ripping Bright to shreds in the "San Diego" thread in the Pro Firms forum, Optional says the following:

    So, why is Optional afraid that Don Bright will know who he is?

    Should we be referring to him as "Don" Bright? The DON? Is he the Michael Corleone of Pro Firms or something? Will Optional be sleeping with the fishes or wake up with his cat's head in his bed? Will Optional never be able to work at any prop firm in the country should the Godfather, er, I mean, Don, snap his fingers?

    It should be asked if there is some trauma in Optional's history that makes him so inclined to think the worst of Don Bright, that perhaps clouds his objectivity toward Don?

    The point is, if Optional is willing to rip Bright to shreds in these forums by making personal attacks, and then states he is willing to attend an event hosted by the person he has such obvious disregard for, drink the alcohol he's providing, and take advantage of the trade talk during the get-together - why isn't Optional then at least willing to admit who he is when he meets Corleone, oops, I meant Bright, at the event?

    It seems extremely.......cowardly.
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    Optional777 is pretty obnoxious and flames almost everyone. He is generally critical and unconstructive. I don't think his vitriol is worth reading so I hit the ignore button on him long ago. I get the impression he must be a poor trader because he wants to drag everyone else down. Successful traders are more magnanimous.
  3. What does Optional777 have against Don Bright?

    .....His nipples????
  4. I don't take credit for this thread. It's an imposter. notice the spelling.

  5. Sure....nice cover up....:D ....you and the other mod's are taking a pounding lately......im curious , are you getting paid for this or are you just a glutton for punishment????
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  7. What do I have against Don Bright?

    Just the facts.


    LMMFAO :D :D :D
  9. dgabreil


    What are those "facts" and how did you come by them?

    Did you go to Bright's event at the Hard Rock last night?
  10. I might have been there, who knows?

    Facts? Just take note of what Don says about the percentages of traders who make it at Bright, and delve deeply into the real data.

    Don lies with figures, and avoids direct questions when called on those figures.

    p.s. If you had hapabrain, you would have come up with a better handle. About what I expected from halfaboy though.
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