What does OPEC and Bear Sterns have in common?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, May 8, 2008.

  1. BSC says "Our company is worth 80 dollars and there is no problem with liquidity"

    A few days later bear sterns agrees to sell out for 2 bucks per share.

    OPEC says "There is no shortage of oil and we have no idea why its trading at 124$ per barrel"

    Wouldnt that be Scary if OPEC came out next week and says "We only have enough oil left in the world for about a year and then we are empty"

    Yeah, i know we are not supposed to run out of oil until 2027 with current reserves, but GS says that oil is going to hit 200 bucks per barrel in a year or two.

    Thats the problem...you never know if these guys are lying trying to prevent a panic or not.
  2. not sure if you have followed opec at all before but these guys have been saying oil was overpriced at 50 and they were releasing a ton of oil. also, they talk out of both sides of their mouth.
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    why don't you do your own research?



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