What does Mitt Romney do when Nobody's Looking?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Navin Johnson, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Here is what Obama does when no one is looking.

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  3. Obviously he's smoking the Constitution dipped in PCP.
  4. I'm sure most Americans think, "Oooh, Mormon... bad".

    Sure, Joseph Smith might have been a pedophile... but the Mormons have nothing to apologize for. I know... I worked in an office full of them for 5 years... my partner was a church elder.

    Too bad the US Federal Government doesn't run like the Mormon church. They owe nobody nothing. They pay cash for everything, including real estate.

    They support their members who are in need... not with a subsidy check, but REAL support. That is... if you're down and out, they will pay your mortgage, utilities, provide you food, etc.... BUT ONLY IF YOU RECIPROCATE. That is, if you a able bodied, you're expected to do "church work" while you're on their dole... that could be painting buildings, policing trash, mowing lawns, baby sitting children... anything.. while you get back on your feet.

    But if you're "able but refuse to work", they CUT YOU OFF. US government would to well to follow the Mormon example.

    Romney is cut from the same cloth. He should be admired rather than chastised.

    And about his "pro life" stance... The Mormons and Catholics have a religious belief that "life begins at conception"... and that to abort such life is tantamount to MURDER! Half of the population is on either side of the "pro life vs pro choice" argument... hard to fault a guy for his religious beliefs... at least supposedly so... IN AMERICA!
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    Actually, the government would still probably owe millions of Americans trillions of dollars in treasuries, as it does today. People like to park their money where it's safe.
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    Tsing Tao

    Horseshit. The banks buy the treasuries as payback for zero interest money, and then flip the crap back to the Fed (who is now the largest owner of Treasuries out there) after taking a "small" commission.

  7. The question isn't what but who...sister wives. Go Mitt.
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  9. This, is all that needs to be said about the conservative mind.
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