What does it take to succeed as a ATS trader

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    An ATSTrader must have an edge or winning strategy first.

    After that... the specifics of what you need depends on your identified edge or strategy.
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    The technology available to the little guy is pretty good nowadays. I am playing with Multicharts, a dll from NinjaTrader and the TWS API. It is working fine actually... I could get let down I suppose in a black swan fast moving market if my stop market orders, which are resident with IB, did not work for some reason.
  3. I'd just like to add a few ET links:

    Here's a few posts by the ET celebrity, acrary:


    An active thread:



    It's a good place to start to learn about basic risk management / model assessment process... Most of what's mentioned in those links can be done by anyone with a computer and some programming skills.

    One caution is, if you don't have "an edge" or a good system, most of what's mentioned is useless.
  4. It's a bit ironic but...

    All the IT and Quant skills are useless without a good system. There's no point of using millions to make a bad model work.

    But you need both IT skills and Quant skills (plus market knowledge) to develop a successful model.
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    That is the conventional wisdom I guess. I have found that arguments against conventional wisdom are really, really, really futile.

    I'm testing on the IB sim account and getting market orders filled in the same second that are 21 points apart on the YM. Clearly testing by that method is useless, maybe good for debugging code but not for obtaining any results relevant to an edge.
  6. IB sim account sucks.... though, the tech. available to the little guy is pretty good nowadays???

    Gimme a break, you're completely contradicting yourself... Stop trying to "whine" things down... It's not working...


    Is having a IT and Quant skill, a conventional knowledge that is futile?

    So without any programming or math, how does one develop an ATS model? I'll make it easier for you... where do you draw the line?

    Whatever your answer is, aren't you just compromising based on your lack of competency?

    Which is better, to know more IT/Quant or know less, for an ATS trader?
  7. TS, I find some of your posts quite useful. But I would respect what you say a lot more if you refrain from personal insults along side them. Just a thought.

    Maybe think about generalizing statements a bit more, eg "do you think the average ATS designer is compromised based on a general lack of competency?"
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    I said "pretty good" and that is what it is. Keep your little thread.
  9. Thanks. :D

    I think I'm "pretty" too. :p

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