What does it take to Open an office for Bright?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Stock_Lover, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. You have to remember that we are in our 2nd decade of business, and have had leases expire, be renewed, some short term, some longer (depending on rates, etc.). We make our plans based on the "ongoing business" strategy, which perhaps those with "subLLC's" and franchises don't.

    And besides, if you do the math: 40 leases at $5,000 per month or so = $200K per month times 2 years (average time left) is only $4.8 million...hardly enough to affect the firm's capital reserves.

    And to the other poster, I am not going to give out specifics, due to regulations. You see, when things change daily, it makes it possible for detractors to say "he said a, but on this date it was b"...so they are lying. And who needs the grief from competitors. We guarantee the $10 million between traders (the A member capital), and keep much more in our combined trading accounts.

    Look for a great opening!! This should be fun!!

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  2. Thank you for the forthright post. Congrats on only having average two years left on lease.
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