What Does It Take to Feel Wealthy?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by OnClose, Jul 21, 2012.

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    One trillion $ in gold, one trillion $ in silver, one trillion $ in euro, one trillion $ in sterling, one trillion $ in yen, and 1 trillion $ in cash. An oil field and a refinery in each continent, and food and water stored safely for 1,000 years for a family of 233. And then the toys, of course. And the guns and nukes and army to protect it all.
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    hahahahaah. money is just paper mate.

    better have your penis and physical fitness and some practice with guns and axes.
  5. Wealth is how long you could sustain your current lifestyle (same expenses) if your income stopped, today.
  6. If you live in a major urban center...
    "Rich" today is about $5 million...
    You will not feel rich with $1-2 million...
    Wait till you get there... you will see.
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    LOL - Are you Russian by any chance?

    Seriously - real wealth doesnt come from material goods or numbers in a bank account.

    For those who feel wealth does derive from material possessions and numbers in a bank account, then you should turn on your tv and look at the starving in Africa, Jordan, the slums in India etc. Chances are, you are more wealthy than any of these people. To these people, you are a Bill Gates. Does that make you feel better? Does that fill your void?
  8. 1. if you are in ridiculous shape, then people with cash will wish they were like you.

    2. if you are super smart, both of the aforementioned will want to be smart as well.

    3. the key is, if possible, to own your home outright. then you have freedom, and you are "rich" and not owned by debt.

    4. i know guys who are "worth" 10 million but likely owe 8 million in debt and they know how fragile their situation is. 2 million is a lot, but not when you are trying to live the 10 million dollar lifestyle.

    5. and last, but not least, get a hot chic.
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    And than it depends what kind of neighbours you have, plenty of arabs, particulary qataris, around my place- hard to feel any wealthy even with that kind of money when you have so many billionaires next door - which reminds me of some study I read recently about the Gini coefficient actually beeing the highest in the wealthiest districts of this country :(

    Than what I go back to my native city as I've done way better than my friends and relatives there I feel pretty wealthy - feeling of wealth does depend on what scene you relate to.
  10. More important to feel wealthy than to actually fit some arbitrary definition of it. I feel broke at my asset level, but I know plenty of people who have a lot less money than me and are happy as a clam.
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