What does it say about someone when they repeatedly imply they have strong ethics?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Cutten, Dec 20, 2008.

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    In my opinion, this is a major red flag that they may be a scumbag in disguise, and probably have one or more skeletons in their closet.

    You know the type - the preacher who goes on about their good works and high standards, and then turns out to be having gay affairs, or abusing kids in his parish etc. The teacher disciplinarian who secretly gets off on whacking kids with a cane. The holier than thou moralist crusading politician who fucks whores bareback without his wife's knowledge. That kinda human detritus.

    Well, what do you think? Is this just coincidence, or is it true that advertising your allegedly impeccable ethical standards is a great sign you are probably some kind of asshole? I don't mean saying you believe in keeping your word, doing the right thing etc, that is normal to say. I mean aggressively promoting morals, and indirectly implying how great your own are compared to the rest of the human race.
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    I forget where I read it, but Soros said that the more some guy would tell Soros how trustworthy he is, the tighter Soros would clinch his wallet.
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    A honest guy doesn't boast around how honest he is.
    If I remember correctly, Madoff's website put great emphasis on the firm's "high ethical standards".
  4. Agree. Trust is earned with actions, not words and it takes a long time to develop trust.
  5. Oftentimes, I find that talk is just that...talk.

    Geography plays a key role. In the tri-state area, usually when someone says something they truly mean it although there are an uncountable amount of shysters who will say anything to get a hold of your cash in this area. In other areas of the US, especially Southern California, you can never believe anything that is either said or written.

    In the tri-state, I like when someone provides me reassurance of their values. However, in a place like California everyone seems to just talk but never any action.

    At the end of the day, actions speak louder then words and you need to do your own homework to verify. Never take anyone's word for it, but verify.

    Its truly sad, but you cant trust anyone and you must watch your words carefully. No one is ever truly a saint and there is a certain distance you must keep from all.

    One simple effective test of honesty is to sit down right in front of someone and look them in the eye. Most people are not good actors and they will look away or seem uncomfortable if they are telling a lie. However, there are those that can easily make it through this test. Those that can make it through this test are the true shysters.
  6. I'm all eyes and ears regarding the trumpeting of "change".
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    Niederhoffer, in Education of a Speculator.
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    The same usually applies when they start telling you how smart they are, aka Niederhoffer.
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    I'm not saying the above posts are wrong, they are not
    it does raise the issues of right and wrong and very often makes one think - is what I'm going to do right or wrong ?
    Maybe talking the talk even though there is hypocracy - is better than just being a swine or idle bystander ?
  10. No - because that makes someone a liar as well.
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