What does it mean to be unAmerican?

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  1. The swiftboat machine is in full gear robocalling with McCain funded ads saying Obama is unAmerican.

    What does that mean?

    What does it mean to be unAmerican?
  2. It means to hate the things that the founding fathers fought for.

    For example, opposing graduated taxes (Jefferson advocated this), supporting torture and imprisonment without trial (the founding fathers were quite strict on this one), opposing public education and public libraries (again, Jefferson supported these) and so on...

    At least that's my take on it.
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  4. In the eyes of Republicans.

    UnAmerican = anybody not white. anybody who went to college / read books (elite).
  5. hmm toughh one but i'd say anyone a citizen of another country is unAmerican?

    am i close :)
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    No, a citizen of another country is a nonAmerican, not an unAmerican.

    An unAmerican is an anti-America American. Somebody who hates her own country, like Sarah Palin for example. :)
  7. Nah........ you're way off. Being unAmerican is:

    Voting for Obama, since you are voting for an arab into the "white" house..... who is really part of a sleeper cell that will blow up our buildings.... and who also whats to preserve Roe v Wade.

    Believing the earth is more than 6000 years old. And that man had to fight with the dinosaurs for survival ................. 5000 years ago.

    Allowing your children to watch Harry Potter movies.

    Thats just a few (very few) examples of what it means not to be unamerican.

    (The jury is still out on the debate of whether the earth is flat or not...... you may be unamerican if you dont think its flat.)
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    What would Jeffeson's position on the media anal exam of a common citizen for posing a legitimate question of a candidate be, and what would his position be on an answer like the one Obama gave to the plumber?
  9. I doubt that Jefferson was in the position to need to judge plants.

    Which part of his question struck you as the most legitimate? His tax load, his ability to purchase a plumbing business that nets $250,000...?

    I ask because none of it was true.
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    I don't consider his finances, or even truthfulness relevant. I consider his status as a citizen relevant. His question was legitimate. He received a media rape for it. Jefferson's favorable view of the press was to keep the government in check. They are failing miserably, as they wish to keep the plumber in check. History is full of those kind of media activities.

    How was he a plant? What is your evidence?
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