what does it mean to be normal

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by naked1, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. naked1


    why is it considered normal to be polite and considerate on public forum
  2. youre out of cocaine already? its not even 5am! jeez
  3. bat1


    youre out of cocaine already? its not even 5am! jeez

    LOL!:p :p
  4. naked1


    by saying this you guys are not being polite

    so you also think there is no need to be polite on public forum

    eheheh I gotch ya,

    I should've gone into Law :)
  5. You know, thinking about it, I believe we are being a little bit harsh. This poor person is doing the best he/she can. Whoever it is, obviously they are naked and alone in the world and typing from some dumpster in the back of a parking lot next to a fast food place....This has to be the most desperate of times for whoever it is....we should be more understanding....

    You know it could be that he/she is actually telling the truth. In fact, it might be the case that this person has sold one or more of their non-critical organs on the black market and has taken that money and funded a trading account. Then with a stroke of luck they might have been long or short at just the right time, and are living high off the hog in Las Vegas (minus their liver, spleen or testicles)....This is just a possibility of course, but it could happen...

    I believe we should give this poor person the benefit of the doubt.

    Go Naked1 Go........you go girl, or guy....or if you sold one of your testes....you go tranny.....


    Yes I believe I have figured it out. If it is a "he" then he used to be Naked2, but sold one of his testicles on the black market to fund his trading account, and that is how "he" became "Naked1":)

    If this is true, it is a sad sad story indeed.