what does it mean to be a loser, it is this

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Actor, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Actor


    posting a lot

    paper trading for years and years

    delivering pizza while advising people on how good FXCM is

    defending other clear losers on ET

    not knowing what carry trade is

    still wondering if Jack Hershey is insane or not

    giving the government benefit of the doubt

    seeing the difference between the FED and goldman Sachs

    I could go on and on :D

  2. I like this one :D
  3. Definitely with multiple new alias every month.
  4. LEAPup


    Please do me a favor, and not give Investment/Trading advice WHILE DELIVERING PIZZA'S!!

    Other times, no problem. Just please, not while delivering pizza's.
  5. Actor


    believe it or not there is a guy here "sandybestdog" he admitted to delivering pizza as his job

    AND he gives investment advice :eek:

  6. Spoken like a true loser! :D
  7. Actor,

    all your points make a good market loser, unfortunately there are many more...for instance many daytraders and people who do very active trading are gamblers and in the end market losers.
  8. LEAPup


    I guess you can now say sandywhatever is getting paid more than "Made-off.":D

    Pizza's? LOL
  9. Creating a new screen name to create a thread to bash someone definitely makes you a loser. I guess your acting career sucked so bad you have to come over to ET and bash people to make your miserable life better.
  10. Please point to the investing advice I ever gave about FXCM. I simply refuted false statements that others had said about them. I know they are false because unlike everybody else on that thread, I actually trade with FXCM. But the concept of having a civilized discussion so as to accomplish and learn things is a concept that people like you are not familiar with. You’d rather sit here and make threads making fun of people for deliverying pizza.

    It means nothing to you and most everybody else on ET that Cabletrader was saying the exact same things I was one year ago, and now thinks that I am completely naïve and innocent for not believing FXCM does not do things like stop hunt. When people flatly lie and speak out of both sides of their mouth, you think that’s great, oh but but if they deliver pizza and simply speak as an actual customer, no we can’t have that, that would too much sense for ET.

    What a complete joke this site has become. I should have known better than to expect that people would want to have an intelligent conversation. This site marks the beginning of America’s turn to an Idiocracy.
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