"What Does It Mean that Residents in All 50 States Have Filed Petitions to Secede?"

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  1. The fast track onto a government no fly list.

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    "Comrade, I see you are scheduled to attend retraining classes at the community center. I am here to escort you there so you do not get lost. Please come quietly."
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    I hope for his sake the escort they send to my house - is bullet proof.
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    I was thinking if enough of us keep getting more pissed we might want to start setting up check points at our state borders and turn back any car with blue state license plates.
  5. There are a lot of fucking crazy people out there.
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  8. "Here's why we should let them secede. When looking at Federal revenue by state, vs Federal expenditure by state, among all of the top 8 listed on the petitions, only TX and GA are net givers to the Fed coffers, all the rest are net takers of Federal funds. MS and AL are among the top 10 takers of Federal funds vs their Federal contributions. Basically looking at this map, one can figure out where the deficit is, and who is subsidizing who. So I say, let them secede, it will save the rest of us a ton of money.

    Read more: http://forums.kffl.com/threads/300948-They-want-to-secede-we-should-let-them.?#ixzz2CQwEHeVf

    Let em all go. Just a small percentage with sore butts from the shellacking they just received. Nothing to see here.
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    " From the Gellman-paradox we know that the low-income voters who drag down the Red States average tend to vote disproportionally for Democrats. Republican voters earn significantly more than Democrats, even though Red state earn less than Blue states."
  10. The statement above about "Net Takers" is one of the most absurd mis-truths spread by the media. It is tragic when the majority of people can not even be truthful with the facts anymore.

    Let's eliminate military base spending, farm subsidies, and other non-welfare federal spending from the accounting. The red states do not really want the military bases that were forced on them. These bases take up large tracts of land that are useful for other economic purposes and require local money spent on policing & other services because they tend to be high crime / low income areas. Let's put a large military base in NYC or Boston - and bulldoze all the existing homes. The displaced residents can survive on the 80%+ of large farm subsidies that are sent to the owners of corporate farms who reside in blue states (but is seen as red state money for some reason).

    Let's focus on federal welfare spending--defined here as childhood nutrition programs, food stamp programs, WIC benefits TANF benefits, and other similar benefits.

    This article from USA Today "New Yorkers lead pack in government benefits" compiled data showing which states had the highest per capita expenditures for every type of government-provided benefit and blue states top the list and red states made up most of the bottom 10.

    Top 10 - Most dependent on government aid
    1 New York
    2 West Virginia
    3 Rhode Island
    4 Maine
    5 Pennsylvania
    6 Massachusetts
    7 Vermont
    8 Kentucky
    9 Michigan
    10 Connecticut

    Bottom 10 - Least dependent on government aid
    41 South Dakota
    42 Nebraska
    43 Wyoming
    44 Idaho
    45 Georgia
    46 Texas
    47 Nevada
    48 Virginia
    49 Colorado
    50 Utah
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