What does it mean if two charts with the same settings look different?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IronFist, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Like if you post a 200 tick chart from a given day and timeframe and I post the same 200 tick timechart from the same day and same timeframe but we have a different number of bars?

    Is something afoot?
  2. it all depends on the data source and on the ''starting point'' where the ticks (or volume) are counted from.

    even within the same software you are not getting the same thing. for exemple, imagine we are both running 1000v charts on the same platform, we wont get exactly the same thing. Its normal in my opinion.

    this is also a reason why you will never see volume or tick charts be used in the various trading rooms out there, because no one gets exactly the same thing. Time based charts and range based charts will yield almost the same thing however.
  3. Let me clarify:

    I don't mean slight differences in the bars. I understand how if they start at different places then each bar will have a different beginning and ending trade potentially.

    I mean a different NUMBER of bars.

    I was looking at charts from a software vendor and comparing them against mine with the same settings, and they had more bars than I did. Theirs looked much smoother as a result.

    I wonder if it was photoshopped to make the trends look smoother (and therefore their indicators look better).

    In other words, where I had one giant bar, they had a few nice smooth bars. Despite the fact that we were both using the same tick settings.
  4. some data vendors filters ticks.

    for exemple, in esignal, there are 2 types of ticks, there ''ticks'' and theres ''quotes''. both will be used when displaying a tick or volume chart. some vendors will only use ''ticks'' and not ''quotes''.
  5. Can you explain the difference to a noob? :D

    The charts I'm referring to by the vendor were done in Tradestation, if that matters.
  6. Layoff the marijuana when reading your charts kid. Or if thats not it, maybe those charts were made in China.
  7. ok... [​IMG]
  8. another thing. Imagine you let your charting software run for a full week on a 200t chart and you take a screenshot.

    if you close your software and reload it up, and open up a chart of the same instrument, the chart will be different. Reloaded historical data and live data will be different because ticks will be filtered in the historical data reload. I believe they do that to save space on their servers.

    and rennick : as much as i respect the wise individual you are, that pot smoker wisecrack was completely uncalled for.