(What does it feel like to lose?)

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    I really want to know. As you can see from my 5-0 trades and 5-0 sports picks here, all posted in advance, I have not yet encountered that feeling. What does it feel like? Do you want to beat your dog? Take to the bottle? Tell me how it feels and how hard it hurts. Thanks.
  2. lol, everyone knows what it feels like to lose. Even someone that can pick 10 wins in a row. My suggestion to you is to channel all this energy you have into making even more money for yourself instead of pointless posts like this one!

    Good luck and keep that streak alive.
  3. How does it feel after I post a winner that you passed on and you see one of these:

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Really, this is the psychology section, what does it feel like when you lose?
  4. I have no feeling regarding not taking a post that turns into a winner. While it is somewhat interesting to see other peoples calls I know if I will ever be successful I need my own methods not surfing the web for peoples calls.

    The feeling of losing for me is not possible for me to explain in words. I have a hard time expressing feelings in words. :)
  5. Feels like I am one trade closer to my next winner.
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    The market has an amazing way of humiliating overconfident traders.

    Please come back and answer your own question when you are served your inevitable piece of humble pie.
  7. I can only talk about my own training.

    I was taught that my success depends on my attitude.


    I know that on an intraday basis, every trade has a non-guaranteed probable outcome....proved it to myself on many ocasions. So I don't give a damn whether a single trade works or not...To me its like pulling the handle on a slot machine. The only difference is that MY machine is programmed to pay out more than it takes from me. All I have to do is have the patience (and the discipline) to pull that handle every day a certain number of times. If I do that...at the end of the week, the month and the year, I am going to walk away with MY money.....

    You guys want to bullshit each other (and yourselves)...go for it..

    I'll pass..
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    I am sure you will have a moment of "self discovery" shortly. When it happens be sure to tell us how it feels to you when you lose.

    If you haven't had a loss yet you are either a new trader or a liar.
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    You are playing way too tight and likely missing a lot of great winners too because of your phobia for the losers
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    At first it was like this for me


    Then like this


    Next came the


    Until eventually I

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