What does honor and altrusim mean?

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    Honor and altruism is an unknown concept to wall street.

    Lying,cheating,stealing, and killing is the ways of wall street.

    SEC has same budget of as New York police.

    Hedge funds are like gangs in wall street. Network of crooks. Wall street runned by billionaire crooks.

    The lost decade 2001-2011 for fraud decade.

    Has any decade since 1929 seen this level of fraud?

    2001 enron, worldcom and internet scam bust

    2008 mortgage subprime financial crisis.

    the size of these frauds is just HUGE!

    there were frauds in the 60's 70's 80's and 90's but not at this large scale.

    I mean the frauds are so huge it took down the entire economy down.

    I mean 500 billion dollar scams! or billion dollar frauds! or common now.
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    I believe a dictionary would answer your question.