What does he bring to the table

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    Can someone tell me what this idiot brings to the table, except for the fact that he is the first black to be nominated for such a high position.

    He still has not outlined to anyone on how he plans to do what he wants and avoids debating JM.
  2. He's busy revising his outline.

  3. TT1


    Obama is for the same old Failed Democratic Politics.

    Failed Democratic promises ( Nancy Pelosi), Higher Taxes(Charlie Rangel), Gun Control(Ted Kennedy), Windfall Profit Tax and Govt Control of Oil Co. (Maxine Watters), Global Warming(Al Gore)....

    The majority of Democratics in Congress fail to understand simple basics of Economics and Business, ie..Law of Supply and Demand, Profit Margins, Corporate Tax rates, Capital Gains and Dividend Tax, Individual and Estate Tax, Business Cycle, Value of the Dollar.

    All the Democratics want to do is raise Taxes for everyone and SPEND, SPEND,and SPEND our money on worthless programs and policies.

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    Man you are my hero...........lol
    That was articulated as best as anyone could put it!
    And by the way, we gotta get rid of PELOSI!
  5. You're kidding right?

    There were 38 MILLION people watching Obama on TV last night in Denver . . . More people than who watched the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics. It's not about Barack Obama . . . it's about people that are angry with the current Administration and people like John Mc Same that voted with Bush on 90% of the issues.

    I'm not a big fan of some of the current Dems in Congress ( like Pelosi and Wrangle ) but you obviously haven't been listening very closely to Obama and Biden if you don't think that they bring anything to the table.

    Mc Cain's judgment has certainly shown to be suspect after today's choice of Sarah Palin for his VP . . . someone that has admitted to having "no interest in matters about Iraq" and is a mere heart beat away from becoming President - - - especially when Mr. Mc Same has had two bouts with cancer, a history of high cholesterol, and is 72 years old.

    Let's face it.

    Mc Same got tired of all of the excitement and media attention to Obama and Biden's DNC Party. Had he chosen Tom Ridge for his VP, no one would have cared . . . Make no mistake about it . . . This was a freaking "Hail Mary" on 3rd and 21. It was a political "gimmick" by Mc Same, someone who admittedly had only met Ms. Palin once before he phoned her with the offer to become his running mate.

    Sarah Palin makes Barack Obama look like John Adams.
    So much for the argument that Obama doesn't have any experience to lead.

    That was gonna be the BIG platform for the RNC Party in Minneapolis this next week, and it just went out the window.
  6. That's pretty funny since Bush never used his veto pen to stop all of the SPENDING that the Republican Congress did for most of his Administrative term.

    Discretionary spending has gone off the hook!

    Why do you think that is with a Congress that has been mostly Republican during Bush's two terms, and the fact that the President has the power to veto?

    You need to do some independent thinking instead of drinking from the typical political "Kool-aid".
  7. TT1


    Your points are well taken. The problem is Congress, both Dems and Reps have no control over spending!

    In Congress there is a fundamental problem with the way BILLS get introduced in the House and how these BILLS get passed onto the Senate with all these pork barrel add ons, special interest laws that never have anything to do with the original intent of the BILL. Compromise is then forced onto the Congress and ultimately the President!

    Bad "Legislators" leads to "Bad Legislation".
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    Right they turned the DNC into a friggin Rock Concert, lets have a big partyand dance in the streets like it's Mardi Gras.......Tom Ridge would have got eaten up as Homeland Security....C'mon.....thats a no brainer.
  9. Lucrum


    "Hope" for "change".

    Ultimately the "hope" though will be the hoping he's a one term president after he "changes" the tax rates.
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    So the answer is a democratic congress with a democratic president? We need some good old fashioned DC gridlock, imo the less things the government can get done the better it is for all of us because they have proven time and again that regardless of party the only thing they do effectively is spend money on the people who got them elected, whether those people are CEO's of uncompetitive companies that rely on government to protect their quasi-monopolies from real competition or teeming masses who want payments from the government in the form of "tax credits".
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