What does gun violence really COST

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    I think assault rifles should be illegal. I don't think a colt-45 should be illegal. Any gun with six small caliber rounds like .22, not automatic, should be legal.

    Why not make guns with only two or three rounds for protection? Every gun should be finger-print enabled. No one else can use it but the owner. If you sell a gun, you have to go in and have the finger-print chip transferred.
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    It costs the lives of millions of people who had their guns taken away.
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  5. Picture of the twenty kids from Sandy Hook

    Picture of Wayne LaPierre holding up a gun and smiling.
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    Well, I am not suggesting removal of all firearms. I am suggesting the removal of assult weapons. Further, I am calling for the invention of a non-automatic gun with only three rounds preferably with a small caliber bullet. Finally, I am calling for all guns to be sold to the public work only for the owner of it:

    James Bond 'Smart Gun' Now on Sale

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    Max E.

    LOL at the sheer marketing genius of the "smart gun." This term seems to imply that there are intelligent times for human beings to put a cap in each others ass.
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  8. Nitro you have to realize that a law abiding citizen fighting off multiple criminals may need more than 3 rounds, or 4 rounds or 5 rounds. All of this gun control only succeeds in hampering the law abiding and not the criminal element.


    At any rate, restricting gun owners to 3 rounds would still be a violation of the second amendment.
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    I wasn't aware that a .45 semi-auto pistol (as was used in this murder) was now on the list of assault weapons, or was even considered one. Regarding the current situation, if you were to tell me that anyone that is on certain types of psychotropic drugs is not allowed to own a weapon, I would agree with you. Nearly everyone that has perpetrated these horrendous murders has been on one type of these drugs or another, including Roof.
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