What does Goldman Sachs ( GX ) own?

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    Can someone tell me where I can find out what mutual funds and stocks GS ( Goldman Sachs ) owns a part of? I'd like to research their portfolio since they seem to be experts at picking good stocks. They appear to be even better than Warren Buffett at picking good companies.
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    service for free

    why don't you ask me also what I own where and when

    oh and also when I am getting out so that you can get out before me
  3. what?

    since when GS have become a investment company????

    a large proportion of GS income is dervice from infrauctructure finance and assets they own, plus big IPOs, m&a & other issues they manage..

    "stock picking" (better than buffet) etc. - their prop (long only) trading desk is not huge.. so who said they're better than Buffet?:confused:
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    It's a company, not an individual. GS holdings should be public record- just like other stocks list their institutional and mutual fund holders. I just want to know the reverse of that, and find out what stocks and mutual funds Goldman Sachs owns.
  5. Shhhhh. Goldman Sachs is a secret. The name isnt even on the building in the financial district. Dont say their name. Ssshhhhh.

    I dont want to know what Goldman Sachs owns, I would rather know what Atticus Management owns. We all know that they are the best players in town. Yes they are, do not deny it.
  6. http://myway.brand.edgar-online.com/fetchFilingFrameset.aspx?FilingID=4755667&Type=HTML

    In all these links you can scroll down and find out what kind of allocation they had in the different funds....

    N-CSR is the file at the SEC----13f-HR is the file at the SEC where you can usually find information on funds....((((VERY USEFUL TO BUILD FUNDS in a portfolio tracking program to guesstamate where they may be buying or selling a specific equity position))))

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