What does everyone think about apple?

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    Currently I'm holding 650 shares of apple that I got last year at 166. I read an article on msnbc that one analyst thinks it's headed to 125. I bought apple as a longterm investment because I know some inside stuff in regards to upcoming products which are amazing. They have a lot of great news coming out this week, and I think that the Nokia suit was just a ploy to raise the stock for a short time. They tried the suit last year and failed, it's not going to work this time either. Just curious what you guys think, should i sell monday and then buy again if it goes lower....is it going lower?
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    you bought the stock without having any plan and now you ask people you never met about how you could make a profit sitting on a couch. you will lose. even better, you must lose or you will never learn.
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    All I asked if anyone thought it could hit 126 given all of the momentum it has. You don't need to reply like ass!
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    well then let me know how well you did with the trade after listening to all the expert opinions.
  5. akmusic,

    I don't know about the article on MSNBC, the fundamentals on AAPL are still at $12/share with a 25 multiple.

    That makes AAPL a $300 stock, according to analyst estimates:

    $12 share x 25 multiple = $300

    It has been rumored that it will split 4 for 1 at that time. Nothing has changed fundamentally for the stock to lead downward to the price you mentioned. Suits get filed all the time. When the Nokia suit news was mentioned, it dropped to 225 before shooting back up 15 pts to settle back down around 235.

    AAPL closely follows the QQQQ's, so when the Q's tank, AAPL will tank, and vice-versa when the market goes back up.

    The 200 day moving average on the daily sits at $200/share, which it briefly hit during the recent market turmoil on May 6th.

    If it touches the 200 day again, watch it like a hawk, as technical buyers may find opportunity if it can hold the 200 moving day.

    Hope that helps...
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    Thank you ScalperJoe, great exp. Do you think it will hit $200 again? Here in lies my dilema I think it will be be abck at 250 on monday, because I'm pretty sure that Euro Union know all the outcomes if they don't do the right thing. I have a dear friend that advised me to sell apple now, and get back in at $200 as he thinks its going there in the very near future. What do you think?
  7. akmusic:

    I don't "think" anything, I just watch charts all day. I'm not a financial advisor so I can't tell you what to do. You've got over $100k on the line on one stock based on your prior post, so either you're quite wealthy or putting all "eggs" in aapl, not sure.

    The 200 day is very powerful and used by chartists, technical analysts and many hedge funds/mutual funds, it's no secret.

    Some talking head on CNBC just spoke on Friday about how the S&P hit the 200 day and held.

    Nothing is certain in the market, as you may know. I doubt your "dear friend" is sharing your losses/gains.

    Just observe the charts, and develop your own strategy as far as what you are willing to make your risk/reward on this trade.

    That's all I can say, good luck and hope it works for the best...
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    Apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

    stick with prunes much better for you in the long run!
  9. I'm confused. You know some inside info regarding upcoming products ... yet you to people who don't have your inside info for advice?
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    New rollouts mean very little sometimes the market, fri apple got 3rd in phone market share and look at the price. Plus first day that the iPad came out stock didn't skyrocket.
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