What does everyone do for streaming news?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Surreal, Aug 25, 2004.

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    What / where / how do I find / get the best streaming news out there? I just use the Ameritrade news. But I really feel left out when it comes to momentum stocks. ie bio-stocks and patent approvals.

    What about stocks that are flying up? Are there good indicator programs out there?

  2. Why do you want news? Do you really think you can be quicker on the trigger when a big announcement comes out than those who have the best available equipment, feeds, etc?

    Bloomberg is IMO very good.

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    if it's important enough, it will pre-empt regular broadcasting.
  4. LOOK MA, NO NEWS ! :D
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    I do keep up with WHEN economic data or big name earnings come out. But I couldn't care less WHAT the news is, only how the market reacts to it. Just my opinion.
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    I just use #newsroom on Othernet on mIRC. You can enter in commands and you can get the results you need.:)

    But I agree....once I get the news, the price reaction is over. I just like it because I can see why the market spiked afterwards.:D
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    Turn if off.
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    andy@ntkn NeedToKnowNews.com

    I suggest you check out our live audio broadcast at www.needtoknownews.com . We offer a two week free trial.
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  10. I use the DAS trader software from the firm Realfasttrader.com
    It has news built into it. I think the news feed is from Realtimetraders.com

    Although I must admit I really don't trade off news, I use technical indicators. I only watch news for my long term (IRA acct) positions.
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