What does Buffett see in Goldman Sachs bank?

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  1. ??? :confused: ???

    I'd think the multiple would come down now with the new bank status.

    Any ideas?
  2. Daal


    lending money at 10%plus a free option with protection from the fed
  3. Can WEB lend preferred stock to be shorted?
  4. how much more can it come down? last time i looked it was trading at a 7pe
  5. we are looking at this as great news, but does goldman now borrow at 10%? will this KILL there business model? or just a short term market condition?
  6. Daal


    well dont ask me, I couldn't see this one coming in a million years
  7. Cutten


    If you have to ask, you ain't never gonna know.
  8. "Friends stand by friends in dire times..."

    Allies, network of friends, support... defending their positions at the top. Old-money... elite-money.
    Reaping the profits and gratitude of his favor later...
  9. Cutten


    Nothing to do with buying into the best investment bank in the world at a steep discount then?
  10. bgp


    absolutely nothing .

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