what does America stand for in your eyes?

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    Is it that vague American dream?

    Or maybe equality?

    Or maybe opportunity?

    Or is it quality of life?

    Well, for me it stands for one thing and one thing above all else.


    I hope that everyone will keep that in mind as history unfolds before us.

    Look at every choice from the viewpoint of freedom and make your decisions.

    I am starting to feel that

    "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country"

    may have been one of the worst statements ever.

    After all are we here to serve our country or is it here to serve us?

    FREEDOM first.
  2. Did you know that there was a period of time when US citizens were FORBIDDEN to own gold? How does that factor in your calculation of freedom.

    I look at US as a country of immense potential that is being seduced and corrupted by Imperialism. James Madison was exactly right about the evils of war and how it transforms society. Ike warned about the military industrial complex. But some people think US should be the world's cop.
  3. I'm enjoying the FREEDOM to ban gay marriage.
  4. You can get off your chair right now and do anything you can possibly think of or go where ever you might want to go. You can learn anything you want to learn. Someone will teach you. You can earn money in unimaginable ways. Nothing can stop you.

    There are layers upon layers of doing and being from the novice to the advanced. There are groups of like minded people everywhere, nothing is stopping you from participating.

    On the flip side, you can be alone as you want, to explore and self examine or surround yourself with millions all interacting day to day. You can be a part of it or not. Plenty of choices.

    You can be a leech or a giver, we are generous and forgiving.

    You can die alone if you wish or die among strangers who care, if you have no family.

    America is a great country.
  5. I think Europe is much more free than the US of today. In the US, someone who is an atheist is less trusted in general than a gay person, criminal, muslim etc. The US is philosophically/individually a very constricted place nowadays, and there is very little regard for privacy rights in the US - which means a whole lot less freedom when it comes to today's technological society and information age. The US is very "moralistic" and people are enforced moral views through the media, arts, politics and religion. In the US people are very much followers of their leaders, and not seeing their political leaders as their servants - as in Europe. People are more indoctrinated with this whole "celebrity craze" and fascination in the US, especially about the president persona as something half-deity like... The US is governed with a lot of political symbolism and emotion - which is rather unconcerting.
  6. True "freedom" is nothing left to lose... do you think America is there yet?

    Are you?!!

    If you want freedom... you have it already in this Country to a significant extent! It's not without... it is within! It's not something government gives or takes.... philosophically speaking.

    I also cannot believe that so many on this forum feel "giving" to the Country as something that abridges their perspective of "freedom". It's sure a radical shift in paradigms or values as to what democracy means to many of us to say that "ask what you can do for your country" may have been the worst atatement ever!

    WOW... very interesting and................. sad!

    By the way... it sounds like you would like socialism then? That is, your thought that the country is here to serve you?!

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    Sorry I didnt elaborate.

    The whole reason I made the post was because I have been thinking about Obamas civil defence mandantory 3 months of service.

    I do not think that the country is here to serve me directly but to serve the people.

    How long is it going to be before "what you can do for your country" is used to force us or our children into making sacrifeces that are not required to live as Americans, only required to live as an American taking care of all the free loaders that have run over our society?

    Socialism??? Certainly not. Anarchy?? maybe
  8. I'm enjoying the freedom to buy Cuban cigars, and/or travel to Cuba.
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    me too :D
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    for some things freedom (or at least freedom of speech) in America is an illusion.
    Europe has lots of laws against freedom of speech (for example you can't talk bad about gays, the jews, be racist etc...all punishable by law)...BUT you can go out and express your opinion privately and most of the people would be up for a debate, instead of being offended...
    it's different here....no laws, yet expressing certain unpopular views is a crime in the eyes of most people....call black man a 'black man' (I'm not even mentioning the banned 'N-word') and you end up with a "racist" tag....

    also, what about the whole drinking ban before 21? you can get married, have kids, drive a car, even own a gun before you're 21...but you can't get drunk?! I remember by the time I was 21 I was pretty much done with drinking :)
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