What does a wrist watch say about its owner?

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  1. Personally, I prefer my C in C to wear a Rolex.

    Frig the pretense of a Timex to relate to me. You want to relate to me, roll up your sleeves and get dirty, let your Rolex glisten in the sun.
  2. If you carry a modern mobile phone, then you have everything.
    Why wear a watch, it only does one thing, tell the time, whoopeee.
    Wearing a watch is like wearing platform shoes or having a spoiler on your car - fashion of a bygone era.
    Thinking that a watch is some fashion icon is falling for the media who want you to believe, that what isn't, is.
  3. newwurldmn


    Watches are jewelry for men. Like shoes and cars, what you display speaks volumes about you.
  4. I can't stand Obama, but I respect the fact that he wears a $210 watch given to him by his SS detail.

    Out here in farm country, a flashy watch isn't going to impress anyone. Just the opposite. But I suppose you city slickers need to spend your money on something.
  5. The only watch I ever wear is one I bought on Canal St for super cheap. The time function works but none of the other dials do lol, but that is ok I didn't expect them to for $10.

    I hardly ever wear it though, I have the time on my phone so it pretty much is pointless.
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    As long as they didn't forget to wind it, replace the battery or move their wrists about ,it says they know what time it is. I stopped with watches when they began to proliferate. Wear an old favorite Cartier tank ala the one JFK is sporting, cheap plastic when traveling , Rolex for sailing, diving , Rolex for flying. Moving on to real big boy toys Lamborghini has a spiffy new model out today at the Geneva show. Only making 3 on the first run. Batman has his order in so you guys better start the bidding on the remaining two.


    Buffet probably wears a 1952 Benrus