What does a $trn look like

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    Holy Sh*t.
  2. "And notice those pallets are double stacked" quote
  3. Dont know how accurate that is as the "1 million dollars" is really a 100k stack. If 10k is 1/2 inch high, then 1 million would be 50 inches high and no way is that small stack 50 inches.

    Remember the movie brewsters millions? Richard pryor had to give away 30 million dollars in 30 days and i remember 30 million dollars was exactly 3 pallets.

    So actually a trillion dollars is ALOT more money than in that picture. It would be about 100,000 of those pallets or about 10 times MORE pallets than in that picture. In that picture, thats only 100 billion.

    If you do the math using the 1/2 inch per 10k you will see I'm right.

    Dont know why none of you traders caught that before me. You guys are supposed to be on top of these things ESPECIALLY when it comes to money.
  4. Maybe im the only person on the board who has ever seen a 100k stack....whats that say about YOUR trading :p
  5. For many years Binion's casino in Las Vegas had $1,000,000 in cash on display - 100 $10,000 notes. The 100 $10,000 notes were sold to a coin dealer for about $10 million in January, 2000.
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    Dude, it is in 2 rows 5 each so it only needs to be 5 inch high...

    Maybe you are the only person who can't count... :)
  7. Lets do the math. 1/2 inch x 10 stacks of 10k$ is 5 inches and thats $100k. 2 rows 5 inches high is $200k. 5 rows 5 inches high is $500k. 10 rows 5 inches high is 1 million. This is 1 million$


    guess i am the only one that can count.
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    Dude, really, this is the picture of the 1 million:

  9. This is what 100k looks like...looks similar to that "supposed 1 million" doesnt it?

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