What does a Reuters feed cost?

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  1. Does anyone here know how much a reuters data feed costs per month? Is there any hardware associated with it like a Bloomberg? If you do have one, how do you like it, and how would you rate it compared to other data feeds? Does it help your trading?

    Just curious and looking for some opinions

  2. What reuters product are you referring to, they offer quite a few, reuters trader, reuters station, reuters 3000? Do you have the capability to trade global products?
  3. Their is no hardware associated with a Bloomberg.
  4. for american stocks and mutual funds it is 240.00 annually for end of day data. I hear their live data sucks and it costs 2400 per year.

  5. Your referring to reuters data link, I think he is referring to the professional products reuters offers, such as reuters station, that will run you about $800.00 a month for that terminal. Then you get slapped with the professional exchange fees OUCH!
  6. How about the prices for all of those if you know them? I trade currencies but not foreign stocks or indices if that's what you had in mind as far as global products mymini.

    I met a trader who used a reuters feed for currency trading and he said it was fantastic so I'm curious as to what your experience is that made you think it sucks HolyGrail?
  7. how fast is the reuters feeds on news events? are there digital news feeds that have extremely fast news event reactions that would be useful for trading? that is if I were to build a NLP system that automatically figured out how to react to the event.
  8. do you know how to do that and if so what does that entail?

  9. For spot currencies reuters live dealing station is what alot of London traders trade with. You better have a large account the min order is 1,000,000.

    I have never traded with it, I have a Bloomberg, I like it alot, I finally have a six monitor set up with one 24" inch as the center screen with 5, 19" inch monitors. To me having a bloomberg with one or two monitors is sort of silly.

    I am finding alot more opportunities now thats for sure.
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