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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by bthomas, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Please Help Us To Give You What You Want

    The Trademave Inside Edge trading room, moderated by Charles Cochran, has as it's primary focus teaching you how to be an independent trader. Though levels are identified and trades are talked through in advance of their happening, Charles does not say "Buy here - right now" or "Sell here - right now".

    Other trading rooms, to which I have been a subscriber, attempt to provide the buy now or sell now service.

    Few organizations, if any, have entered a forum such as Elite Trader and actually asked the trading public what qualities and characteristics they would prefer in a trading room. We are doing so now!

    Please tell us exactly what you want from your trading room.

    Outside of a crystal ball which guarantees 100% winners, anything else is fair game. If you don't like trading rooms under any circumstances, this isn't the thread for you.

    Let your voice be heard. Thanks for the help.
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    100% free for 1 year.
  3. I want to see trading real time.
    I do want someone to say I bought here and sold here.
    Saying you could or you should doesn't work for me because you can see all sorts of possibilities in hind sight.
    I want to see someone trade. Tell me before he trades, when and at what price he will buy and where his stop is; when and under what circumstances he will take a profit.

    Offer a week or 2 free. If the service is worth anything of value customers will gladly pay.
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    Audited statments AND a track record posted on www.collective2.com PRODUCE OR PERISH!! stop blowing hot air here, bj thomas.

    You have absolutely zero credibility without the above. Why should traders pay to listen to you without evidence of your success. DIRECT EVIDENCE nothing else will work, and NO PHOTOSHOPPED or multi account statments, seen enough of those. C2 is FREE,,,,,,only one reason why you and all other chat rooms wont do it and that is...... GUESS!

    If you do the above you will differeniate yourself from the 100's in that business who have nothing but BS and tales to support their claims.

    good luck

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    if you had an edge, why would you share it? oh right... you don't have one....
  6. Perhaps the reason you are starting this thread is because you are not getting the response to your Pay-Per-View chatroom that you had originally anticpated you would, what with all of your scintillating and brilliant hindsight analysis.

    One answer to your question is the posting of daily blotters showing the actual trades that you took, as well as the aforementioned hindsight 20/20 chart analysi (so traders can compare the two) and your performance for whatever period of time you have been actively selling your product (to show it is making you all this MONEY, which is why you're so excited to be selling, right?).

    Without the above, there's no reason to assume that what you have is any better than what anyone else is touting ...our what traders can pretty much figure out on their own.
  7. I think while your idea to come and ask on here is laudable it is full of risk as their too many posters are on here that will not be satisfied with anything less than you going to their place and actually pushing the trade button. If you are teaching people how to trade with money management should be enough but it wont satisfy the vast majority on here that would rather bitch and moan than actually learn something as most of your loudest critics I reckon dont trade so you are setting yourself up a bit but good luck I just hope this thread doesnt go down the drain of insults and name calling like so many others on this site.
  8. "I want to see someone trade. Tell me before he trades, when and at what price he will buy and where his stop is; when and under what circumstances he will take a profit. Offer a week or 2 free. If the service is worth anything of value customers will gladly pay."


    In reality that concept is a total, complete and utter waste of time for everyone involved. Actually counter-productive for followers to learn anything from.

    Regardless of how/what the operator does in real time, followers will never duplicate results until the laws of human nature are repealed. Worse yet, the focus will be directed on the person and not the trading approach. Wrong rabbit trail to fixate on.
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    I also agree to the independant auditing statement. If you starting tracking trades on collective2 (or any 3rd party service that is similar), you would instantly put your room miles ahead of any other. You can keep your setups to yourself, and show results. Please consider this, as it would significantly add credability to any service you (or anyone else) runs.
  10. I have been in rooms where the operator doesn't take any trades but at the end of the day claims that if you had taken this or that set up you would have made money. Somehow he ignores the set-ups that failed.

    If I'm going to pay someone to teach me an appoach, I'd like to see it work. If the operator can't make it work then why would I want to pay for it.
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