what do you want ? dreams, hopes desires of traders

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  1. greetings,

    what are your goals, desires, wants ?? do you know exactly what you want from trading ?? do you want a porsche bi-turbo, the walled compound, the helicopter ?? OR do you just want enough to do what you want--travel, surf, relax ??? how about the mate thing---trophy wife, hippie chick, sex kitten, socialite ???do you know what you want ?? do you have a plan to get there ??? any thoughts ??--- remember, you need to KNOW what it is before you get it.

    enjoy !!

  2. When I finish all this, I want to be a lumberjack.
  3. nitro


    Sleep all night and work all day?

  4. I'm just about to start trading futures as a perverted form of charity.
  5. loveshek


    I want a small car and a nice trade station (a Computer with MAtrox Phe512 with G2 quad and 7x 20inch LCDs)

    i will give the rest to my family (dont have yet tho).
  6. Knowledge of self -- everything else will fall into place as if it were an afterthought.
  7. Pabst


    Think I'd order a couple of each.
  8. first goal: $300 a month with $25,000. yeah, i know..it should be easy..

    p.s. no, i'm not buying an index fund.
  9. taodr


    There is and there can only be one goal from trading and that is to MAKE MONEY. Anyone thinking they can transform their being and elevate their consciousness by trading is nuts. If you want a higher experience get someone to shove a two by four UP YOUR ASS.
  10. LOL! The splinters from that would be a real pain in the ass.
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