What do you want? Do you know?

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  1. In life, what is the purposes? What for do you live? I started to ask myself these questions when I woke up in the middle of night and could get back to sleep for a long time. As days and nights went by, more and more clearly do I realize myself in blank. No answer to the fundamentals, to what matters. I don't know. I don't know what I really want. This is purely both insane and sad.

    So I'd like to hear some suggestions to boost my thinking to find my goals and my destinations to move towards. What do you really what in your life?
  2. From what i have observed since i joined this forum,
    I can say 75% of traders don't do have any life out-
    side trading.

    They sleep, get up ready for trading, again sleep,
    get up for trading another market, then eat (i'm
    not sure :D ) sleep again, get up again and trade
    another market again.

    That is why everyone just loves INTERACTIVE
    BROKERS, because of having opportunity to trade
    all world exchanges from single universal account
    for whole day.

    If you want to have better life, Just close your account
    with INTERACTIVE BROKERS, might be one of solution:D :eek:
  3. ib ought to use that in their disclaimer :D
  4. I have found two things that really helps a trader's life:

    1- Find yourself a trading partner with same level of skill
    (or you can teach someone) and divid your your trading
    activities into half, if you need to trade more times, and
    this way you feel more RESPONSIBlE not to blow out any
    single day.

    2- Relocate to another city or country as your place for
    living after some time , so you be will spending more
    time outdoor than indoor.
  5. if ur single, move to vegas
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    good advice howard. bet the 7 -11 to pass, then take the full odds. 6 & 8 with full odds are placed next... then if you have not found a reason to ask God for help, put it all on the line!!!
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    I believe the purpose of like is to become as perfect as possible. Perfection, in and of itself isn't possible, however the effort at least has to be made. Appreciating your talents and recognizing your shortcomings is found in service to others. Finding an outlet where you can teach what you know to increase the knowledge of another. Teach the skill of discipline, money management, calculated risk, math skills. The list is endless.

    A life focused on oneself can not be fulfilling, a life dedicated to the service of others, has endless rewards.
  8. Very true! But IMHO first you have to focus on yourself, because if you are not strong and balanced you cannot service others.
  9. I - for one - enjoy being "serviced".
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    cdbern with the answer, as difficult as it may be. But I also agree with the pursuit of doing your best. I was just thinking about this this morning. My wife and kids are going away, and I told her to drive safely. So of course part of my makeup is to always prepare for the downside, I asked myself what I would do.

    I would either: get in shape and travel the world looking for hot women.

    Two, put my money in a safe payout and study theology, but not have much to live on at these interest rates.

    Submit a thread here about which Futures Pits might still have a long term reward if I put my time to learning them. i.e. should I go learn live in N.Y. or chicago and spend time in the gold pit or the oil pit or some grain pit, or is that game ending as we speak.

    three, or I could go back to california and get a job working for a D.A. and focus on being the best fricking trial attorney in America.

    You see at the moment I just do not feel like I am going to be the best from home trader ever. With that realization I have come to the conclusion that even though I can make a living doing it, it might not be the best way to spend the next ten years. Now if I were to find a method or a way where I was really getting a great reward for time spent I would reevaluate.

    Finally, I also came to the conclusion, I need an outlet to serve others also but I find in revealing that it really did come up to the top of the list. Fatherhood takes care of some of the desire/responsibility but I do need to teach on the side again.

    So that is my incomplete hastily made list that I contemplated independent of this thread five minutes before sitting down this morning. I reflect more upon it later.
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