What do you use to elevate your desktop off the floor?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Maverick1, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. to help minimize dust
  2. lylec305


    A small moving dolly from harbor frieght
  3. Overnight


    A pallet of Pledgeâ„¢
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  4. I trade from the cloud
  5. lylec305


    On a case of beer on top of the moving dolly
  6. Find random stuff to stack it against,
  7. comagnum


    These work real good - fits under my desk - holds a bunch of computers, easy to access the cables since you can roll it out, good for ventilation. IT geeks like them - so do I. Cheap < $40. Can be configured for any shelf height.
  8. ET180


    Replace your furnace filters more often. I run my case open and blow out the dust with an air compressor about once every year. Works great.
  9. lylec305


    This works well, not sure what to do with cables tho...
  10. Stacks of cash from trading profits.
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