What do you use to backup NinjaTrader?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by oraclewizard77, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. oraclewizard77

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    I was wondering the steps you use to backup ninjatrader including my indicators, etc. I want to back up everything and then install ver 7 when that is ready, but make sure that I don't lose anything so that if I have to go back to 6.5 there will be no problem. Also, I want to do this for emergency purposes in case my laptop crashes.
  2. auspiv


    NinjaTrader itself?

    File -> Utilities -> Backup
  3. oraclewizard77

    oraclewizard77 Moderator

    Ok, thanks....
  4. on to what are you backing-up ?

    i have 6.5 on a flash drive and bu files every weekend onto the flash
  5. Backing up is always a good thing of course.

    But if your concern is 7 overwriting 6.5, my understanding is that you will be able to run both on the same pc.

    Which makes sense, since a shakeout period to identify problems is sure to happen.
  6. NinjaTrader_Dierk

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    To clarify: as we roll NT7 your NT6.5 installation will be left untouched -> you will be able to continue running NT6.5 although you may have installed NT7 in addition on the same machine.

    That being said: of course it makes sense to backup your installation on a regular basis.