What do you use for scanning with tradestation6 ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Koros, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Koros


    I'm about to start day trading, and have elected tradestation to be my direct broker.

    The plateform seems really good, but seem to lack of scanning feature (ability to mass scan entire nasdaq / nyse to be alerted on specific conditions).

    My question is: how do the tradestation user fulfill their mass scanning needs ?
    Are there specific software ?

    I know there are good stuff on realtick (like oz scanner or tradeseeker) and wish to be able to do the same thing with tradestation.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. ... on your needs and capacities...

    I'm satisfied, for my own approach, with the platforms current capacities - I do an end-of-day "scan" that consists of loading ca. 350 charts and outputting detailed results to Excel. For real-time purposes, I keep charts and/or quote pages open (with alerts set) on the candidates i've already narrowed down, and the limited ranking lists feature serves most of my other needs. I've been trialing the E-Signal scanners, and at this point am leaning against keeping the subscription. Otherwise, FirstAlert and some of the other programmable or quasi-programmable scanning set-ups look interesting, but others will have to comment on their utility and dependability.

    TS7, supposedly to be released in the next few months (we'll see) is supposed to include a more robust scanning capacity similar to the Omega 2000i RadarScreen software, but its expected parameters have not yet, to my knowledge, been made public.
  3. Had to dump 2000i when migrating to XP, so needed an interim scanner and chose NeoTicker. Last I heard regarding TS7 is Jan/Feb release...