What do YOU use back testing for?

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  1. I have been trying to build skills being a day trader or scalper, so I've just been paper trading to test my strategies. Should I look into back testing?

    What back testing softwares are the easiest, but most powerful to use? Do most of you program your strategies in a software and then execute those strategies in a different platform? Or is your platform integrated for back testing and then automated order executions?
  2. Tradestation.com - Tradestation platform

    Metatrader 4 (GCI covers futures) (Any other broker for forex)
  3. Bob111


    powerful-easiest+flexible=your own

    get real...there is no easy way for printing money machine
  4. I agree

    I really do not see an easy way to backtest.

    Either create your own, manually back test with charts, learn easy language from tradestation etc.
  5. what is back testing?
  6. Depends on WHO you ask
  7. what is back testing?
  8. what is back testing?
  9. what is back testing?
  10. what is back testing?
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