what do you traders want to be when you grow up

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  1. C- kid

    C- kid

    you kids want to be traders, that much is clear

    well I am willing to help you as a last thing I do, since I am leaving

    GIVE UP thinking that you know something, YOU DON'T know nothing, if you did you would already be a trader

    YOU don't know anything,

    give it up damn it, we can't proceed if you still think you know something

    OK are you ready, are you ready to start over

    OK then, lets start

    Trend is when price goes from A to B

    when price gets to B you follow the trend,

    school is over,

    I wish you happy and long lives, none of you now have to work for living

    society will now collapse, because people will just trade, and this information I gave will spread like wildfire

    goodbye and god bless [​IMG]
  2. No one wants your help...
  3. amen
  4. please don't leave. i don't mind looking for gold nuggets in your endless stream of pigeon poo.

    "Man saved by pigeon poo

    A man survived a 30ft fall by landing on 6 inches of pigeon poo.

    Phil Harrison climbed a mill chimney trying to rescue a hawk that escaped from a friend's aviary.

    As he grabbed the bird at the top, wire mesh supporting him gave way and he fell.

    Phil, of Cleckheaton, West Yorks, still broke his neck in the fall. But he managed to keep hold of the hawk.

    Firemen had to dig through the basement to reach him according to The Sun.

    Phil's friend, Alan Webster said: "It's amazing to think his life was saved by a few inches of bird droppings."

    Doctors expect Phil to make a full recovery.
  5. C- kid

    C- kid

    :p I'll miss you ....you little fool...you little bird on a tree :)
  6. Wrong.

    When price arrives at point B, a pullback/reversal begins. It's now a countertrend.

    Congratulations-- you just put yourself and any newbies on the wrong side of the trade and are losing money instantly.

    Nice job.

  7. And he didn't even need to look at an RSI to tell you that! Booyah!
  8. Hey Tubby,

    Perhaps if you push your rotund flabby body away from the dinner table and begin an exercise program, your mind will clear. Until then, good bye.
  9. Eddiefl


    Leave,,, go away, a cubicle awaits you. Although, many millianaires have started in cubicles, but i would say not many have written dumb ass shit like you have above... bon voyage..

  10. :)

    but I have to say that I believe that I have learnt more from c-kid than from most on ET
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