What do you trade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nemsy, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. Nemsy


    Just want to get a general view on what people here trade and why.

    I trade futures mainly because I don't have to worry that company specific news will trash my stocks.
  2. a better question would have been, "what do you trade AND WHY?"

    but this will have to do, i suppose...
  3. cafeole


    This is my first post to elite, so hello everyone.

    I just started to trade the eminis. As a matter of fact, I just
    started trading. I have been educating myself on trading since
    the first of the year.

    I trade the eminis because there is so much less to keep track of.
    As a newbie I would have trouble finding out which stocks to watch. Multi-tasking is also not one of my strong suits. I am trading the ES right now and I love it.

  4. I trade Options, Equities, and Futures.
  5. William


    Stocks. Why? Well, it's the first thing I stumbled into I guess and I've been too complacent to learn anything else.
  6. I'm curious...what are some examples of "other instruments"?

    I'm stocks..looking to incorporate some futures into my gig
  7. S&P e-minis.

    Tax benefits.

    Liquidity = fills in less than a second


  8. >>I'm curious...what are some examples of
    >>"other instruments"?

    Beanie Babies? :D:):D:):D
  9. Illegal Drugs :D
  10. I trade E-mini NQ's and ES's. I played around with the YJ's on the ACE, but to no avail. I trade these for 3 reasons:

    1) Liquidity
    2) Capital Leverage
    3) Low transaction cost (Due in part to #2)

    I am willing to accept the greater risk that increased capital leverage offers. I would trade the QQQ's and the SPY's if they offered 2 and 3.
    Either way, I don't like stocks for day trading because of the lack of ease for going short and the increased risk of a nasty surprise.
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