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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by sharp10, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. sharp10


    10/1 Initially on whatever I put up.
    95% payout
    6/10s commission...lower with higher volume.
    Just trying to get some feedback.

  2. 6/10's is garbage since you will need to put up several thousand to get decent buying power.
  3. Firms are paying .00025 per-share to NYSE alone.....

    Do you need me to calculate how much a firm is making off of you?
  4. sharp10


    Guess, you guys said it all.
    Perhaps half of that would be fair!?
  5. What's your volume and do you have any kind of a track record? In office or remote? Any other fees, u know, Nazz fees, software, desk fee, bendover fee, bullsh*t fee #1, etc.

    On the surface that a sh*tty deal.
  6. MTI_44


    Are these numbers in regard to SMB Capital or another prop firm?
  7. For those of us evaluating potential deals, could you give a rough example of what you would consider a "good" deal for both an office and a remote newbie trader?