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Discussion in 'Trading' started by toby400, Jul 10, 2002.

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    I don't like the order of that book. It seems to be jumping in and out of unrelated topics. Of course, it could still be a good one, but IMPO, at the end you will still have to sit and build your own trading system. The one which suits you best, as no book would give you that.

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  3. Coincidently, I started reading that book today. I'm only a few pages in, so if you give me a few days I'll be able to give you a more informed opinion.

    There are a few reviews on this site and presumably tons over at Amazon.

    The little bit that I have read hasn't been especially enlightening, but at the same time I've found myself nodding at the authors' "pearls of wisdom."

    I don't know what your education budget is like, but I'm pretty sure that this is one of those books where you are likely to find "at least one decent idea." The authors' themselves don't pretend that this book is going to turn you into a trading God, but simply introduce you to entry, exit, and management principles.

    Hope this helps. You'll have to wait until I've read more than a few pages to get more.